Hardwood Flooring Guide

Hardwood Flooring in Atwater, CA

Hardwood Flooring to Fit Your Lifestyle

Looking to refurbish the floors in your home? Well, look no further than TriCounty Flooring America’s extensive collection of beautiful hardwood floors where you’ll find stunning natural planks in a wide range of styles and hues.

Our expansive showroom at TriCounty Flooring America in Atwater serves Atwater, Merced, and Los Banos, CA, and our flooring professionals are sure to find the perfect hardwood to fit your lifestyle.

Why Hardwood?

Hardwood flooring is a wonderful investment for your home as it both increases your home’s value and it’s timeless beauty. Whether you’re looking for a wire-brushed oak or an elegant red maple, our experienced sales professionals at TriCounty Flooring America are bound to find the perfect hardwood that fits your desired taste. 

One thing to keep in mind is that different species of hardwood expand and contract at different rates, so be sure to consult our experts at TriCounty Flooring America to make sure that the hardwood floor you choose is able to move, or your baseboards could suffer. 

It’s important to us that you get the highest quality floors that match your budget. We offer exclusive hardwood brand names such as:

  • Hanover Hills™
  • Rustic River™
  • Biltmore ECA™
  • Bruce™
  • Armstrong™
  • Mohawk™
  • Shaw™

The Difference Between Solid and Engineered Hardwood

Today, picking out a hardwood floor for your home comes not only with a variety of styles but also a choice between engineered or solid hardwood. The advantages of hardwood floors are abundant from their timeless appeal, easy maintenance and comfort underfoot.

Although both engineered and solid hardwood floors are made from 100% real wood, engineered floors have a thin veneer of wood on the surface and are fused with criss-crossed layers of fused slices that gives way to a bottom layer of superior strength. Solid hardwood is cut from logs of solid wood and come in different textures from soft pine to hard mahogany. 

Engineered hardwood does not expand or contract and is less sensitive to moisture and temperature fluctuation than solid hardwood flooring. It is also typically less expensive than solid hardwood flooring, however, solid hardwood is a classic choice long known for its quality and durability. 

Hardwood Maintenance

Hardwood floors need only be frequently sweeped and vacuumed. To keep their brand new look everlasting, it is recommended that they are mopped with a warranty approved cleaner and damp mop.

Occasionally, scratches can occur on the surface of your hardwood floors and when this happens, its important to consult your floor warranty to find the most effective cleaning processes to smooth these over.

Hardwood Flooring Installation 

As you browse the flooring items, you can use the Five Star Selection System to get the combination of installation warranties and price protection guarantees that fit your approach.

Your home design dreams are important to us and our expert installation contractors are ready to take the project past the finish line with detail-oriented work that stands the test of time. Find the species you want and the brand names you know and love when you make TriCounty Flooring America the first stop on your design journey.

Don’t take a chance on getting substandard installation work when we have a team that specializes in the flooring you have purchased.

We come prepared with the right tools for any challenge and a commitment to your satisfaction. From your initial conversation to the final installation, we are there to make sure your hardwood choice makes for a beautiful new floor in your home.


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